About the Project

The CC2541 FIOT DEVELOPMENT KIT provides the best solution for software development of Bluetooth low energy (BLE). It enables you to easily build your own wearable Internet of Thing (IoT) devices.

It is based on Texas Instrument’s single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy CC2541 and includes MEMS Accelerometer, RGB LEDs, push button, lithium-ion battery charger and micro-USB connector for charging. With these supported features, the number of CC2541 FIOT DEVELOPMENT KIT’s applications are endless.

Project Meta

  • Date : 05-23-2015
  • Technology : Texas Instrument’s Single mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) System on Chip (SoC) CC2541 featuring High Performance and Low Power CC2541 Microcontroller Core with Code Pre-fetch, In-System- Programmable Flash 256-KB and 8-KB RAM with Retention in All Power modes.

    Board power supply: through micro-USB connector or battery pads.

    STMicroelectronics MEMs motion sensor LIS2DH

    One RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED

    One push-button

  • Features :

    Fitness Tracking – calories measurement, step tracker, sleep monitor.

    Sensor Network

    Internet of Thing (IoT)


    Gaming console

    Call/Message notifications

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