Types of Beacon & Future Applications of Bluetooth Beacons

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Types of Beacon & Future Applications of Bluetooth Beacons

A beacon is a BLE device that permits a business to provide certain location-based services to their customers. Beacons provide an edge over GPS services — they do not need any type of satellite, and they provide location services indoor and even outdoors. The basic method that is in charge of the functioning of beacons is identified as ‘advertising’. In this method, the devices emit packets of data using BLE and other encoding devices nearby, such as smartphones that are in the vicinity, identify this data.


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Types of beacons
A few types of beacons are available in the market. The first one, from Apple, is the beacon. It utilizes Bluetooth low energy vicinity detecting technology to transmit a universally unique identifier (UUID). This UUID can be identified by a cell phone that has the required application installed on it.

3 Types of Beacons are:

  • Apple iBeacon
  • AltBeacon
  • Eddystone

1. iBeacons:Beacon

iBeacons come in different types, such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) sticks and small coin cell devices. iBeacon has assured licensing requirements. To make iBeacon devices, a manufacturer license from Apple is needed, as well as a license requirement for the logo of iBeacon.

2. AltBeacon:


There is another type of iBeacon, known as AltBeacon, which was designed by Radius Networks a few years ago. It has been specially designed to create an open market for beacon applications. It is free to use and anyone can implement beacons using their technology.

3. Eddystone:

Google has also carried out a beacon known as Eddystone. It is an open beacon format and has an Apache Open License, which makes it easy to work with. Google allows businesses to manage their beacons using the Proximity Beacon Application Programming Interface (API).

Application Programming Interface (API) for Beacons

Android programming is object-oriented and contains the use of classes. There are objects that are utilized for programming applications for beacons. An example of this is a Bluetooth LE scanner object. It is utilized to trigger checking for marketing packets from an application. After the scanning is activated, there will be callbacks, which will give you software objects that speak to the gadgets that have been found. The callbacks show the gadgets that have been found in the environment. The application needs to check inside the advertising packet to decide whether it’s a beacon or not.
An essential work that wants to be performed by the application is to filter all the packets that it receives, as only the beacon-related packets are necessary.

The Future of Beacons Application

In the future, Bluetooth beacon can be used in different ways. Smart watches can be utilized alongside beacon to give updates to the client. Utilizing a smart watch would be more helpful than taking out one’s cell phone each time there is a notification. When it comes to developing beacons, one can work with developer boards. It is beneficial to create reference beacons utilizing developer boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino because they allow designers to experiment with test scenarios this isn’t an alternative with business beacons. Nowadays BLE Beacons are very widely used in Airports, Hospitals, Restaurants, Industries, School and Mall.

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