Embedding the Heart to every IoT Device

Along with extensive knowledge in hardware development, Fiot also processes excellent skills in RTOS, Wireless communications, Networking, Security, and C/C++ programming languages. We have built high-end embedded software for micro-controllers from various manufacturers.

Fiot’s Proprietary Technologies

Built upon the wireless standards such as ZigBee, Bluetooth Mesh, and LoRa, we enable all types of sensor linked to each other in a single network.

Sensor Network

Our proprietary technologies allow us to monitor what matters to our bodies such as ECG, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, and GSR.

Vital Monitor

Deep understanding of computer architecture and compiler helps us deploy the high level of power optimization on battery-power wearable device.

Excellent knowledge and experience in cutting-edge wireless technology such as WIFI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, Z-Wave, GPRS/3G/LTE/NB-IoT.

Wireless & IoT

We effectively utilize RTOS to reduce the product development time while ensuring the reliability and stability of the system.

RTOS Application

Our embedded services enable enterprises and organizations to embrace the latest technology into their products. We integrate the hardware/software, reliable wireless technology, IoT platform into a single Thing and connect it to the world.

Embedded solutions for your business assets

Stable Operations Based on Good Architecture

Fiot helps our Clients attaining the maximum return of interest (ROI) on their products by developing the firmware with the following mantras in each and every team member mind: Modularity, Extensibility, Scalability and Portability, Reusability, Testability and Verifiability, and Fault Tolerance.

Reliable Network and Connectivity

We are helping our customers to deliver reliable connectivity solutions. We possess excellent knowledge and experience in cutting-edge wireless technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, Z-Wave, 3G/LTE/NB-IoT. Moreover, Fiot’s mesh technology has been contributing significantly to the reliability of customers’ sensor networks and home automation systems.

Secure and Efficient Embedded System​

Fiot’s embedded engineers offer secured and efficient embedded development for Wearables, Sensor Networks, Home Appliances, Automotive, Security and Medical Solutions. We provide full-cycle development services and implement embedded systems with a wide range of complexity levels. The embedded team always seeks the most appropriate solution that fits customers’ technical needs.

Micro-controller Solutions We Provide