Managing Your Home

Has Never Been Easier

Fiot has more years in the smart technology industry. We have been working closely with startups and ODMs to build competitive smart home products for EU and US markets. All the designs are created to help our clients to create robust and easy-to-use smart home systems.

Efficient & Effective

Home Automation

With the advancement of technology, combining hardware and software technologies enable you to control and manage appliances and devices within a home. Domotics, also known as home automation is, therefore, the new trend.

This cutting edge technology comes with numerous benefits. The home automation system enables you to do different day-to-day tasks ranging with ease. Such tasks may range from simple to complex. Especially, everything is made easier with the capability of voice-activated control through the two most popular virtual assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, the designing of this system is more complex. It requires the latest technology and expertise in the designing of the hardware design, wireless protocol, cloud technologies, mobile app, and system software development. With our experts, we make all the process to develop for a full circle product from the discovery stage to post-launch enhancement stage.

With strong know-how and empowered years in Home Automation system, Fiot provides end-to-end solutions, across multiple segments such as lighting, home consumption, voice control, security, and video systems. We strive to deliver a truly integrated home automation experience in high quality and advanced connectivity.

Key Expertise Tasks in Home Automation

Home Automation allows you to monitor your activities related to the connected devices

Hardware design for home automation products includes various components:


A wide range of sensors can be found in a home automation system, such as

  • Motion detector sensor: Passive Infrared (PIR), Ultrasonic and camera sensors.
  • Temperature and light sensors
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Smoke/gas detector sensor

Wireless design:

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Zigbee are the most popular wireless technologies used in home automation systems.

Electrical Safety:

Home automation products are consumer products. It is, therefore, a requirement that the products be certified with international safety standards before being commercialized.

The proficient Fiot Engineers applied their expertise in the making of the app for easy use and security from cyber attacks

Building a robust, secure and easy interface requires more than good smart home products. Mobile apps and voice control are the main interaction between the system and the users. Fiot develops intuitive mobile apps for users to add new devices to their existing smart home system in order to:

  • Monitor devices’ statuses
  • Control devices’ functionalities with ease.

Fiot believes that setting up a home automation system should be effortless and fast for users to enjoy the convenience

Today’s tech-savvy consumers want their needs to be satisfied with simplicity and quickness. Therefore, the process is simplified as users are only required to follow simple steps guided by the app to complete setting up the system. The same is applied when users require to adding new devices to the system.

To achieve this goal, clever device discovery techniques are developed in both device level and app level. This includes Bluetooth LE-based communication, a Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple Bonjour (IP discovery in LAN network).

At Fiot, we build User Profile Management and Communication between devices, mobile apps, and the IoT Cloud on top-notch robust and secure services

Technology comes with one major threat-security. Hackers are at times on the lookout to breach security to access information. Therefore, convenience means nothing for home automation if it is built with loose-ends. We, therefore, prioritize security during the designing of home automation.

User Profile Management and Communication between smart home devices, mobile apps, and the IoT Cloud are encrypted with high-level encryption algorithms. Furthermore, we leverage the latest technologies from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to perform device and user authentication and the user’s role and permission control.

Our home automation system with virtual assistants enable Users to control smart home devices over natural voice instruction

Virtual Assistant has become an important element in home automation systems in recent years. Virtual Assistant is made to be as familiar to the user as possible and in a natural way-using voice.

Voice commands from the user to his smart speaker (–can be Google Home or Amazon Echo) reach the Google/Amazon server, is translated to text and trigger a registered service developed by Fiot. The service then communicates with Fiot Cloud to execute the commands on the smart home system. All this is done with ease, from the user’s end.