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IoT solution provider for Small and Medium Enterprises

What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things or IoT is a difficult concept to define precisely. When it comes to IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Users can control everything with only one touch on their smart devices, for example, smartphone, tablet, or just a handy smartwatch. Recently, the Internet of Things has also enhanced M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication. It reduces the human interaction from the manufacturing processes.


How IoT helps SMEs in business

With SMEs, IoT can be your ticket to success in the world of technology and business. We can collect useful data to predict the needs and create more useful products. It also creates more opportunities for agencies expanding the ability to increase the value of products. In summary, the IoT models will help enterprises enhance their product lifetime.
According to Gartner Research, services and products of IoT on service industry will generate increasing revenues of 300 billion USD in 2020. Moreover, Research by McKinsey’s Business Technology Office, IoT will impact mostly on the economy within all technology industries and can reach 36 thousand billion USD on operating expense. This information is clear evidence to understand the great impact of IoT in the job and daily life all over the world.


There are four key benefits when an enterprise uses IoT service:

Big Data: Businesses can catch up and take advantage of the data all around them, then create insightful data to improve the processes and products.
Connecting Products: The connection of machines between sensors through the Internet allows manufacturers or suppliers to manage remotely and recognize problems even before incidents happen. Devices will apply data actively to improve the workload in production
Provide Service: Businesses create new business models whose products collaborate with many services. For instance, there are expected warranty and analytics from data on the Internet.
Product Optimization: By taking advantage of controlling the real-time world, enterprises can get the data to arrange and design more high-quality next-generation.

The most common innovation model: Working with 3rd party service providers

Nowadays, many enterprises use IoT to increase competitiveness but not all businesses. According to a report from, more than 44% SMEs purchase services and products from an IoT solution provider with a ready-to-use solution, due to many reasons. Here are the benefits of working with 3rd party service providers:

  • Full of the team from junior-mid-senior, full of stacks from software to hardware
  • Risk management.
  • Technology expertise
  • Control the expense
  • Time management


How to find IoT solution provider for SMEs

Take notes these following advice to find your ideal IoT solution provider quickly:
– Checking their portfolio to know them clearly
– Reading their testimonial to search the mutual business
– Asking them for a trial product to examine
– Evaluating their feedback


Searching on Google is always the best way to find IoT solution providers for SMEs. Generally, the best provider is neither the cheapest one nor having a good reputation. In other words, the most suitable for your business will help you spend less time and money.

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