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Beacon for Ultra-Low Power System

What is a bluetooth beacon? Beacons are awesome little high-tech tools. If you crack one open, you’ll find a CPU, radio, and batteries. They come in different shapes and colors, may include accelerometers, temperature sensors, or unique add-ons but all of them have one thing in common—they transmit a signal. Beacons are very small, simple devices. However,bluetoot- beacon-company

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

This simplicity in operation and usage did not come easy for the senior engineers at Fiot. Much hard work was put during its design:

  • Hardware development: We deployed the lowest power consumption BLE hardware platform at present. Moreover, the wireless signal quality was significantly optimized by our experts in RF (Radio Frequency) design
  • Embedded system development: Our engineers utilized the power optimization algorithm. That, combined with the lowest power consumption of the hardware, allows customers to use Bluetooth Smart Tracking (BST) products continuously for more than 6 months without changing the battery.
  • Mobile application development: Much effort was focused on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to develop a simple mobile application while providing enough functionality to users.

The Smart Tracking industry has been undergoing a significant improvement thanks to IoT technology. There are a lot of companies which use BlueTooth beacon. Most people’s goal remains to take part in that technological revolution and acquire a large proportion of the Smart Tracking Market. At Fiot, we do our best to help our customer achieve that business goal. If you are looking for a bluetooth beacon company, we ‘re here to listen to your plan.


June 5, 2019


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