Network of Smart Plug and Meter

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Network of Smart Plug and Meter

We created a Network of Smart Plug and Meter. In this system, each device connects and communicates to each other and the Gateway using ZigBee technology. The customer (or business) is able to remotely control the operations of each device in the Network using Mobile Application. This concept can also be applied in creating schedules and timers to control house appliances. Although one of the features of this system is the ability to remotely control home appliances via mobile App, this is not our most advanced feature. The ability to continuously monitor the energy consumption of your equipment is. The data collected regarding power consumption is then transferred to IoT Cloud services which are then processed and analyzed. This process gives users insights of their power consumption habits in details. From this, the users are then able to come up with a plan to use energy more wisely and effectively.


Network with Zigbee Network

Fiot’s in-house resource focused on the following major parts when developing the Network of Smart Plug and Meter:

Hardware development

Each device is facilitated with the following;

  • Advanced System-on-Chip for ZigBee communication
  • The highly accurate power monitoring sensor
  • Environmental sensor
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Low noise system design

Firmware development

We developed stable operations through testing and verification to ensure the safety of each device. We, therefore, deployed ZigBee Home Automation network, pre-processing the sensor’s data.

Mobile Apps development

There was a need for the development of mobile App (on both Android and iOS). This is because it is a necessity for the end user to set up the system fully. It also enables the user to add, remove or control each device. Setting a schedule or timers is possible and effortless. It is through this App that analysis from the report would be made available and tips on power consumption are given.

IoT cloud computing

This helps to manage all devices connected to the system which are in the field. It also helps in processing the collected data.


May 6, 2019


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