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IoT product design: POC vs. Prototype vs. MVP

Enterprises have to decide whether they should develop a minimum viable product, a proof-of-concept or a prototype. It might be one of the hardest parts of product development. Understanding and executing these three fundamental strategies will generally improve the opportunities to win investor and get...

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What is Embedded System and How it Works?

Sources: Introduction Do you know 70% of intelligent computing devices are surrounding us? One of the facts is our world will connect to more than 50 billion devices by 2020. Embedded System is also known as an integrated system due to its combination of hardware and software...

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Embedded systems for applications in real life

What are embedded systems? Embedded systems are the types of computer systems which are designed to execute some task like access, solving, storage and control database in different digital systems. It combines hardware and software, the software embedded into hardware. One of the essential details of the...

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