Smart Technology for Smart Energy

At Fiot, we believe that there is a need for smart technology for smart energy hence we deliver it to you. Our team of specialized, tech-savvy, licensed personnel have worked to produce these first-class products in order to make it affordable to have access to sustainable energy. Our cutting edge technology incorporates all your needs, and our designs are created with you in mind.

Energy Supply Energy Storage Energy Metering

Smart energy is the backbone of a greener world. In a world where energy systems roll across the globe, the need for commercial IoT usage remains critical for energy efficiency, renewal energy harvesting as well as asset monitoring. While Smart Grid focuses on the electricity sector, Smart Energy is diverse as it incorporates other sectors such as electricity, heating, cooling and so forth. Its roots extend to innovating affordable solutions for renewable and sustainable energy. This smart energy is utilized in three stages of energy life cycles-Energy supply, Energy Storage and Smart Energy Metering.

Smart Energy calls for smart technology. At Fiot, our team of proficient, top-notch personnel has been making cutting-edge technological advancements in all the three processes. Our aim is to enable Smart Energy usage for enterprises and customers as well.

In the smart energy market, we bestow a variety an intelligent technology for businesses who want to transfer from traditional choices to the bright green world with the fix-priced budget. With extensive expertise, we can help you improve your facility’s energy efficiency or make energy smarter.

Key Areas of Expertise in Smart Energy

Our technical expertise was used to develop smart energy IoT applications for Solar Energy Storage.

Despite the ever-evolving technological advancements in energy production and storage, 1.3 billion people in the world remain in the dark. This accounts for about 17% of the population. Just to put this in perspective, one out of five people in the world lack access to electricity. This number is, in fact, higher than the world’s population prior to the building of the first electricity grid. This can be attributed to the fact that most of these population remains at the bottom of the income pyramid. This calls for an ecosystem that makes it possible for people to access this very basic need-electricity.

Fiot observed this need. We also noticed that solar panels are increasingly becoming more efficient and cheaper as time goes by. Therefore, Fiot combined excellent proficiency in Power Management with IoT Integration. The result was high efficiency, low-cost Solar Energy products that are reliable. They are also convenient as they can be monitored through the internet.

Fiot’s technology allows one to remotely control and continuously monitors each equipment that uses energy

Smart meters allow one to monitor energy usage in real time and remotely. This makes it easier for users to make adjustments to reduce costs or energy consumption. It also supports demand response techniques among other benefits both for businesses and household.

Bearing in mind that the annual energy wasted due to the use of inefficient equipment accounts for 20% of business energy’s cost, Fiot sought ways to curb this problem. Fiot’s technology allows one to remotely control and continuously monitors the equipment that uses energy.