Smart home IoT solution: 4 popular PC softwares you should know

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Smart home IoT solution: 4 popular PC softwares you should know

1. OpenHAB
openHAB which is based on Java open-source home automation platform. It integrates and combines a vast range of different smart home systems and technologies into one single smart home IoT solutions. The devices are available for overarching automation rule engines and different user interfaces that connected the top of the unified abstraction layer.


2. Castle OS
Castle OS software allows users to enjoy the real independent living in their home through voice control. Besides, you can also control heat, air conditioning, lighting, security and almost anything which leads to the pure pleasure with a simple spoken command. From where you sit, you just saying “computer, open the kitchen door, or “computer, turn up the heat to 60 degrees”, and whatever you want. You don’t need to a remote, computer and smartphone or searching for where these things are.


3. Crestron
Crestron is the most significant home automation company in the world, and most of its work revolves around industrial automation in both schools and businesses, but it also provides an extensive array of residential automation products.
This system is quite complex and expensive to install, but it also provides a robust home control system that will be able to work in any home. It also has more hardware partners than any other home automation system.


4. ioBroker
ioBroker is an IoT platform that provides your equipment with full integration. You can manage your IoT systems as one intelligent, robust project. Moreover, ioBroker has unique graphics and beautiful interfaces for you. Managing your automation system on-premise is one of the best software products.


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