Smart Technology for Smart Tracking

The Smart Tracking industry has been undergoing a significant improvement thanks to IoT technology. Most people’s goal remains to take part in that technological revolution and acquire a large proportion of the Smart Tracking Market. At Fiot, we do our best to help our customer achieve that business goal.

Smart Tracking


– LoRa

– Bluetooth

– Global Wi-Fi

The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and especially geo-location technologies are major contributors to the growth of the Smart Tracking industry around the globe. Both individual customers and businesses can feel the effects.

Businesses such as the supply chain utilize Smart Tracking Technology in continually evaluating and optimizing their supply chains. Supply chain inefficiencies can be addressed or gotten rid of altogether. This is as a result of the power of Smart Tracking. Through it, the wealth of data from many connected devices can show instant visibility of warehouse delays as well as routes taken. This information acts as an insight when solving the supply chain inefficiency. This technology is the next big thing in the economy as it is estimated that the Smart Tracking of assets could create $1.9 trillion in economic value for the supply chain and logistics sector.

The core of Smart Tracking technology can be divided into four sectors: GPS Smart Tracking, Bluetooth Smart Tracking, LoRa Smart Tracking, and Global Wi-Fi infrastructure. GPS remains the most prevalent technology used to date. This is due to its critical positioning capabilities to military, civil and commercial users all around the world.

With innovative telematics and data analytics, we build innovative tracking technologies that provide a comprehensive solution to track your things or explore matters to ensure safety at the same time. We offer the utmost simplicity and flexibility when it comes to monitoring integration. Our customers can board different devices, faster and evolve along with us by building their apps.

Key Areas of Expertise in Smart Tracking

With Fiot’s Smart Tracking technology, your imagination on the above is turned into reality.

The outcome of combining the old GPS technology with cutting edge advanced IoT is unimaginable. Numerous types of data ranging from environment and health records to face recognition along with location data can be used to create various applications. These applications can go a long way into creating benefits to human lives.

Fiot, using cumulative and extensive knowledge in hardware and software development does precisely that creates applications that make a difference in human lives. The applications are created to give high-level solutions for businesses and customers. We provide the most suited Smart Tracking solution to meet your needs.

Imagine a wearable device that can give you a range of useful data. Data such as geo-location data, environmental data (humidity, temperature, air quality, light quality) as well as human activities.

Bluetooth Smart Tracking Technology – Fiot also sees an opportunity and need in market sector.

GPS-based location technology is suitable for tracking valuable assets. However, Fiot also sees an opportunity and need in another market sector. This is tracking personal belongings such as house keys, wallets and so forth. Fiot, therefore, designed a tracking device based on Bluetooth Smart Tracking Technology.

The principle behind Bluetooth Smart Tracking technology is simple yet elegant. Fiot’s Bluetooth Smart Tracking (BST) products connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and maintain the connection as long as the product and phone are in range (around 50 – 60 meters).

As long as the BST product and mobile phone are in range, we can make the product ring by pressing a button on the App screen. Thus, the item attached to the BST product can be easily found. Once the BST product and mobile phone are out of connection range, the mobile app shall show the last location of the item.