Top 10 popular IoT applications

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Top 10 popular IoT applications

IoT marketplaces are predicted to develop spread all over in the future. Instead of indicating more prediction about how IoT develops. In this article, we will give more information about the top 10 IoT applications using popularly.

One of the most popular IoT applications is smart home or wearables such as smartwatches. Website released the article to vote the top 10 popular IoT applications. These ranked applications based on 3 factors: searching for IoT on Google, mentioning IoT on Twitter, writing about IoT on Linkedln. The highest-ranking evaluated 100 %, while others base on interaction with it.

Smart Home
There are more 60.000 people searching for the keyword “smart home” every month. It is the first application on all channels that are used to evaluate. The number of studying IoT for the smart home is 256 companies and startups that are much more than any other applications in IoT. The total of sponsor money for the smart home is more than 2,5 billion USD. Some companies studying about this application include Nest, Alertme and other corporations that as Philips, Haier, Belkin.


Wearables are current topics of broad interest as well. There are many initiatives about wearables such as Apple smartwatches, smart b trainer Sony, Myo control gesture or LookSee bracelet.


Smart City
Smart City is the application that manages flows in water distribution, managing trash, security city, and environmental monitoring. Many smart city solutions bring a better life prospectively for people by solving problems such as traffic jams, noise pollution and air pollution that will help many cities more safety.


Smart Grid
Smart Grid is the IoT particular situation. A smart grid in the future prospectively improves the efficiency, trust and economic of using electricity between users and suppliers. There are 41.000 searchings for the smart grid on Google, while it is mentioned on Twitter 100 times every month.



Industrial Internet
Industrial Internet is some of the particular applications of IoT. In many studies of Gartner or Cisco, the industrial Internet is evaluated with the highest potential in the IoT market. Nowadays, Industrial Internet can’t reach to the accessible level like smart home or wearables. However, it has been gone up slightly. There are 1.700 tweets about the Industrial Internet every month.

Connected Car
Connected Car has been grown remarkably. The development period in the car industries has usually taken from 2 to 4 years. Connected Car is mentioned fractionally. However, many large manufacturers as also some startups have worked to give more solutions for Connected Car. If BMW or Ford don’t release Connected Car in the next generation, giant corporations like Google, Microsoft or Apple will publish Connected Car platforms.


Connected Health
Health Care is still a sleeping giant of IoT. Health care systems and medical smart connected devices themselves will bring huge potential for not only companies but also human in general. However, many people don’t consider Connected Health a lot.


Smart Retail
Proximity – one type of advertising is used to find customers directly through handy devices. This is a part of smart retail that has been starting to grow up. However, there’s only one time searching for Smart Retail on LinkedIn comparing to 430 times searching Smart Home every month that is too small.

Smart Supply Chain
Smart Supply Chain has appeared in several years. There have solutions for product monitoring or exchanging information about products remain in the marketplace. In a word, it’s logical when the topic of Smart Supply Chain will encourage IoT. Until now, Smart Supply Chain has been still developed restrictedly.


Smart Farming
Smart Farming is a missing situation of IoT. However, in the future, monitoring the breeding process through the Internet may be one of the revolutions of farming methods. However, this idea has not reached the attention. Smart Farming will be an essential application in many agricultural exporting countries.


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