Top 5 IoT business ideas on Kickstarter in the half-year of 2019

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Top 5 IoT business ideas on Kickstarter in the half-year of 2019

Due to the innovative adoption of IoT technologies, various developers have been showcasing their creativity and generating many IoT business ideas and devices. These products make a significant impact on our daily life. As we can see, not only the giant global corporations but also small and mediums enterprises leverage the powers of IoT. A lot of smart devices have been created for multiple purposes, such as family houses, specific works, entertainment, and so on. However, what is the reason to make these devices successful? The answer to this question is the possibilities to solve customer’s problems.

It is critical to discover popular types of IoT business ideas to make a big decision on your market strategies. If you ‘ve still wondered and not found out what is best to do now, check out our articles to have fresh ideas. A lot of IoT products are in the center of attention on the Internet. To narrow your research, this article highlights the top 5 IoT products on Kickstarter recently.

SmartHalo 2 | Make Your Bike Smarter

10,335 backers pledged US$ 1,278,476


Beside smart cars, smart bikes sound make sense for cyclists. On Kickstarter, the number of backers was 10,335, which was greater than any IoT products. This gadget is really impressive. The owner of this product is Smart Halo; their first products were launched successfully in 2015 on Kickstarter. And, the upgrade version which backed on May 2019, has been in the center of attention as well. One of the main reasons to make this product become successful is its mission in urban greening issues. And the price is also affordable for US$99. Moreover, their additional features are the most vital components, which solve many problems’ customers.

In detail, this device guide users to explore new routes with the navigation signals. Also, the device protects user’s bikes from dangerous obstacles with an ear-piercing and anti-theft alarm. With this device, the bike will have a powerful front light to brighten city streets and enhance cyclist’s safety. Besides, it works similarly to the smart tracking devices that track and show their cycling performance. The system will sync to the fitness apps; users don’t need to press any button for cycling metrics. Its design emphasis on simplicity and elegance, which is very suitable with almost bikes.

PeekDisplay™ is not actually a touchscreen. However, this display helps users keep a close and detailed view of their metrics while riding. All features work like a smart-watch. It manages some necessary gadgets like weather, interacts with user’s home automation devices, and keeps self-awareness about training themselves.

LUMI: The smarter way to learn and play music

7,212 backers pledged US$ 1,964,234


This is one of the most amazing IoT business ideas which demonstrates the countless creatures of the human brain. Many people have a passion for music, but not all of us have enough time or money to learn at an instrumental music class. Now, IoT technologies allow us to enjoy entertainment endlessly, and this LUMI is a typical example. The Kickstarter movement reached US$1,964,234 in a short period. This colorful lightboard has been catching the eyes of 7,212 people. So, it gives us a hint about the horizon of IoT in the music and entertainment industries.

The latest device is integrated with a new interactive keyboard. It is like a part of the piano and has a sound-sensitive light board. All users need to do is following the light and colors between the app and the keyboard. The size of DS 5.5 is created for the average human hand so that this device is easier to play than any portable keyboard. In addition, users can bring LUMI Keys anywhere with the weight of 600g. Plus, it is smaller than almost all laptops and fit in bags or backpacks. Besides, users can merge two keyboards together to enlarge their performance.

LUMI keyboard is one kind of IoT case studies in entertainment which we can learn from. The devices bestow fun, fast, and interaction to allow the learning process more quickly. If you intend to generate a similar product or in the same industry, you should consider their traits to complete your product in a better way.

Flic 2: The Perfect Button

5,046 backers pledged US$ 636,556


Home automation devices are very popular at present. However, it is also complicated when connecting everything in your house from television, coffee machine, alarm clock with each application. But Flic 2 is a different story. This button will do it at the same time instead of doing every task one by one. This is the newest version, which currently initiated on Kickstarter with 5,046 backers. It has achieved more than six times its funding goal.

Nowadays, users can control their gadgets in the home through the voice assistant. But speaking out loud somehow is more inconvenient than touching at once. The visual of Flic 2 is simply a modern small round shape, which can manage your life as easy as possible. There are low-power microcontrollers, long-range Bluetooth capability, a long-lasting battery, and LED light inside the device. With the combination of Flic 2 and mobile application or computer, users can leverage the minimal quantity of hardware to manipulate anything in life.

As we can see, Flic 2 is a model, which demonstrate smart home devices will improve by developer’s day by day. This means there will be multiple different ways of generating smart home solutions. The key points are finding the solutions that all enterprises have never done before.

GOMI: The Interactive Smart Ball for Your Pets

2,019 backers pledged US$ 213,875


IoT technologies are sneaking out every aspect of our lives. Now, IoT toy for pets also is not an exception anymore. This product has recently reached over 2,000 backers at $227,000. GOMI, which is a smart toy, can keep pets entertained even if the owners are not available. By using a smartphone, the owners can control the ball to create interaction and stimulation to pets left at home. Its design is also a plus for users’ pets play all day long through numerous adjusted activities. This stimulates their mind and makes them more physically fit and less depression. When it comes to interaction, users can completely offer interesting options. Moreover, users can know what their pets are doing and keep them healthier by logging in.

According to their introduction, this device is made from FDA-Certified Polycarbonate coating and 100% waterproof. Moreover, it is also made from sustainable soy ink and hygienic nature to keep pets away from any harmful substances. The powerful battery goes through about 4-hours of continuous use. The control app runs well on both iOS and Android platform.

In summary, a simple, smart toy for pets is a great idea which enhances our convenience with high functions. And it is obvious that innovative consumer products currently are available to many commercial hardware. If you still have ideas about life productivity, IoT toy is a typical hint.

Norm Glasses: Smart & Lightweight with Head-Up Display

1,540 backers pledged US$ 419,472


This campaign is launching by Human Capable on Kickstarter. Norm Glasses is an augmented reality glasses, which are integrated with a wearable mini-computer. The glasses are supported by Android-based operating system. The developing company also claims that the highlight of their product is lightweight, fashionable, and like many normal glasses. Up to now, there have been 1,540 backers pledged over US$400,000.

Beside VR technologies, this accessory is also armed with voice-activated and features dual speakers, open-ear sound, and a heads-up display. The biggest advantages of this device are its weight and design. The open-ear design help users listen to inside audio while being aware of their connectivity. Norm Glasses are the lightest among most smart glasses with heads-up displays. It is also embedded in each arm and software functions. Users simply touch the right side of the frame to answer or dismiss various notifications. This means it helps users feel comfortable to wear as well as meet their basic needs of daily life. For example, users can make or receive phone calls, check emails, or listen to music, audiobooks, capture video, photos, browse social media, and so on. By leveraging multiple voice platforms, users can communicate and share information easily.

In other words, this device is very similar to Google Glass. It bestows a vast array of features for users in an elegant look. What we can learn from their product is keeping the concentration on improving the design as well as adopting the latest technology to our IoT devices. We will receive much consideration when we begin to launch IoT business ideas.  

Overall, to stay ahead of the competition in IoT technologies, understanding customers and other products out there, is the first step to make your products reach to success. By always keep your eyes on Kickstarter or other platforms about IoT business ideas, you can find out what your products are lacking. We are here to listen to your strategies and give some helpful advice!

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